Two female seiyuu are calling it an end to their career, as Yumi Shimura and Midori Tsukimiya have both announced their retirement in their respective social media accounts and blog.

Yumi Shimura, who is well-known for voicing Rozen Maiden’s Kanaria, as well as Negima?!’s Chisame Hasegawa, has announced in her own personal blog that she is retiring from acting.


I’m Enterprise, her talent agency, also confirmed her retirement. In her blog entry, she also wrote a farewell message, which says:

Thankfully, my 14 years as an actress have been nothing but fun, and everyone at the office, all my seniors and juniors, and all the people involved with recording have shown me kindness and love. I will never forget meeting you all and receiving your support and kind words. Also, I give my thanks to all those who have cheered for me up until now. I’m so glad to have met you. Thank you very, very much.

Midori Tsukimiya, the other seiyuu announcing her retirement, broke the news via her twitter page and said that she has now formally separated from her management agency in Production Ace last 30 June 2016.


She is best known for voicing Tsukuru Kagaku from R-15 and Mii Fujibakama from Date A Live, as well as being one of Eucliwood Hellscythe’s many seiyuu for This is a Zombie?!

We wish both Yumi Shimura and Midori Tsukimiya luck as they retire from the industry.

Sources: ANN and Crunchyroll