During a podcast for the global version of Weekly Shonen Jump! magazine, former Shonen Jump! editor-in-chief and current Global Shonen Jump! Vice President, Hisashi Sasaki confirmed that Tite Kubo’s Bleach manga will be ending in less than 10 weeks’ time.


There is no definite timetable yet for the serialized version, which is published weekly on Shonen Jump, so this announcement sheds some light into when the manga will truly be ending.

Previously, an announcement inside the pages of Jump has revealed that the manga has “entered its final chapters.” Another announcement also revealed that Black’s collected Tankoubon version will be ending at Vol. 74, which is scheduled for release sometime in autumn 2016.

So, how do you guys think Bleach will end? The question still grows unanswered until the final chapter is finally released.

Source: ANN