Toyota has had a very good relationship throughout the years with Shuichi Shigeno’s bestselling racing manga, Initial D. The manga has turned their unassuming Toyota Sprinter Trueno into one of the most iconic race cars in all of fiction, and Toyota UK has given its own tribute to the manga by giving the Fujiwara Tofu Shop Toyota Sprinter Trueno a more modern makeover. Introducing the AE86-style GT86!


Toyota UK got the help of artist Sonia Leong to create manga-style artworks featuring the AE86-style GT86. This is used for a new promotional campaign, which has many car enthusiasts wanting one of their own.

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The GT86 car used for the concept car is the spiritual successor to the Toyota Sprinter Trueno, which is also known as the AE86. They gave the new car the original’s classic black and white paint scheme, complete with the Fujiwara Tofu Shop name painted on the sides.

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The GT86’s Initial D makeover includes carbon-fibre door handles and side mirrors, upscale ringers, a Fujitsubo exhaust, TRD suspension, and custom RS Watanabe wheels. And hey, Toyota also really made one in real life!


However, only one was ever made, and it is merely for show purposes, so don’t expect Toyota to sell one. But it’s still pretty cool, and something which would make Initial D fans want one.

Source: Rocket News 24