The Nasu Highland Park in Tochigi Prefecture has opened one very special attraction that may be able to draw out the Super Saiyan in you. The attraction is called the “Dragon Ball Super Training Challenge! ~Let’s become strong like Goku~,” which opened recently on 16th July.


The attraction will only be open until 26th November, and will feature several training exercises that Goku has been subjected to in his career as a fighter.


The attraction includes the following “exercises”:

“Carry it! Deliver the milk training”


“Fly! Flying technique primer”


“Absolute union! Fusion pose!”


The attraction also includes a few other exhibits, including Vegeta’s gravity training room, the Kame House, and Lord Beerus and Whis helping themselves to a feast as poor old Buu jealously looks on.


On top of the theme park’s entrance fee, fans also have to pay an extra 500 yen just to enter the attraction, but that’s a small price to pay in order to turn yourself into a Super Saiyan, right?!

Source: Rocket News 24