Can you tell one Tsukemono from the other?

In this episode of WOW JAPAN OVERTIME, we blindfolded Momo and Kamiya to see how good their taste buds are at determining the different Tsukemono we have prepared.

Who will win this showdown? And who will have to suffer the terrible, terrible penalty…

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What are Tsukemono?

Tsukemono, which literally means “pickled things” in Japanese, are an essential part of the everyday Japanese diet.  Made from a variety of vegetables and seasonings, they are served traditionally alongside rice and miso soup.

Tsukemono are valued for their unique flavor and is commonly used to garnish, cleanse the palate and aid in digestion.

From a plate of heartening Curry to the finest Sushi joint, you will always find Tsukemono in some form or shape at a Japanese meal.