Ai Shimizu is best-known as a seiyuu, voicing characters like Mikoto Minagi from My-Hime and My-Otome, Mio Kisaki from Walkure Romanze, and Sachi Komine from Grisaia. However, she surprised everyone in 2013 by making her pro-wrestling debut and the rest is history.


She might not be as powerful as a Brock Lesnar or as technical as a Daniel Bryan, or even as electrifying as a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, however, she is trained in the classic Mexican wrestling style known as Lucha Libre, the same style used by high-flying wrestlers like Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, and Kalisto. She has recently proven her ring prowess by winning her first title, pinning Maruko Nagasaki to win the Triangle Ribbon Championship.


Hmmmmm… close enough, just don’t expect her to take anyone to Suplex City.


The title match she was in was a triple-threat match, or a three-way match, where she hit Maruko Nagasaki with a move called “Tsuri Girl Shiki Bakudan Katame“. After the match, Ai Shimizu admitted that she never expected to win the belt because she was older than the other wrestlers and thought she would never be given a chance to win one before she retired. Ladies and gentlemen, THE CHAMP IS HERE!

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Japan has a long and storied pro-wrestling tradition, which produced WWE Hall of Famers like Antonio Inoki, and former champions like Tajiri and Funaki. The country has also produced three of the most exciting wrestlers today, Shinsuke Nakamura, Hideo Itami (also known as Kenta), and the reigning NXT women’s champion, Asuka, who are part of WWE’s NXT program. In fact, Japan is also known for producing some of the best female wrestlers in the world.

Source: Yahoo!