Pokemon GO has officially hit South East Asia, as trainers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and the rest of South East Asia have been roaming around with their smartphones in tow, all while trying to find Pokemon!

As trainers head out and go searching for new Pokemon, Japanese cosplay brand, Cosprecious, has come up with a novel new way of playing Pokemon GO. If you’re heading out to “Catch’em All,” why not dress the part, right?


These new Pokemon GO outfits are available for male and female trainers, and they are inspired by the game’s avatar customization portion. The male version also includes a visor, while the female version includes a baseball cap.

Male version

pf-1 pf-2 pf-3

Female Version

pf-4 pf-5 pf-6

Now people will know just how serious you are at wanting to be the very best, like no one ever was. Each set costs 17,200 yen, and is now available in sizes from XS to XXL. They are now available for online orders vial Amazon Japan  (men’s here, women’s here).

Source: Rocket News 24