I has been well documented that mangaka often have rivalries with one another, like that of Naruto’s Masashi kishimoto and One Piece’s Eiichiro Oda. However, they also often have great respect for the works of others, and that is what two popular mangaka have recently shown.

Tokyo Ghoul’s Sui Ishida and Dagashi Kashi’s Kotoyama are very popular in Japan right now, and while they don’t work on the same magazine, or even with the same publishers (Ishida works for Shueisha and Kotoyama works for Shogakukan), the two mangaka have a lot in common. They recently demonstrated mutual appreciation of each other’s works, with Ishida tweeting this illustration of Dagashi Kashi’s “calorie queen” herself, Hotaru.

In response to the Tokyo Ghoul mangaka’s tweet, Kotoyama then tweeted his own take on the horror/action manga’s main protagonist, Ken Kaneki, though he admitted that Kaneki is really a challenging one to do.

That’s plenty of respect show right there between two great mangaka indeed. Keep up the good work you too!

Source: Crunchyroll