Premium Bandai has released a brand new Snorlax cushion that’s really big. The cushion itself is worth 52,000 yen, and it measures in at 150cm in length and 12Kg in width. Let’s just say that this cushion  is big… really really big.


However, it’s not until you order it and have the cushion delivered right at your doorsteps that you realize how big this thing really is! Just look at how surprised these new owners are at how big the Snorlax cushion is.

However, these are the lucky ones, because this Snorlax cushion actually acted like a real Snorlax and blocked a few paths, just because they are just so darn big! A few new owners can’t even get it to fit through the door!

Well, at least some of them got it inside their homes. Now, the only thing they seem to have to worry about is where to sleep…

Source: Hachimakikou