There was one huge announcement from the “Girls & Panzer Heartful Tank Carnival II” event on 28 August, and it has gotten Garupan fans all excited. During the event, the anime’s staff showed a PV which announced that a new Garupan anime has finally been green-lit, and it is titled “Girls und Panzer: The Final Chapter.”

girlsundpanzer_002_cs1w1_720x girlsundpanzer_003_cs1w1_720x girlsundpanzer_004_cs1w1_720x

The very PV has not yet gone online as of writing, but several screenshots have been released from that video, as seen in the images above.

Not much has been announced, though the original Oarai cast will be expected to reprise their roles. More details on the anime will be revealed soon.


Meanwhile, it was also announced that the seiyuu of the five members of the Angler fish team will be making an appearance during Oarai’s annual Angler Fish Festival on 13th November, together with series director, Tsutomu Mizushima.

Source: Dengeki Online