The auditions for the Korean drama based on Bandai Namco’s popular idol franchise, [email protected], are finally over, and the official website has now finally revealed the ten finalists who made it through the audition, and they are:


  • Hur Young Joo
  • Lee Ye Eun
  • Lee Jee Won
  • Sori
  • Mint
  • Lee Su Ji
  • Kwon Ha Seo
  • Hanabeol
  • Chun Jane
  • Yukika Teramoto

Included in the final cast list is Japanese seiyuu Yukika Teramoto, who has voiced minor roles in Seitokai Yakuindomo, where she voiced Chiri Nakazato, as well as Dog Days, where she voiced Rouge Clafoutis. She has been more active in live-action roles, where she has appeared in several live-action dramas back in Japan.

A new official music video was also revealed, and it is for the group’s first official single, “Dream.” Their group title is called “Real Girls Project,” which would be quite different from the 2D idols we are used to in the main franchise (765 Pro), Cinderella Girls, Million Live, and Side-M.

As promised, the Korean idol drama will be streamed worldwide, and Amazon Prime will be doing the honours. Amazon has stated that they will be localising the series into several languages, and that includes English and Japanese. However, they did not state whether the localisations will be released as dubbed or subtitles.

What makes this Korean iDOLM@STER different is that it will be following Korean trends in the idol industry, as opposed to the Japanese trends and culture that many im@s fans are familiar with. It has also been confirmed that the iDOLM@STER characters, be it from 765Pro, Cinderella Girls, Million Live, Side-M, or the other spin-offs, will not be a part of this K-Drama.

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