During the annual Kantai Collection Naval Review event at the Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall, the upcoming anime movie’s staff has revealed a brand new key visual. It featured Fubuki Kai Ni, Mustsuki Kai Ni, Yamato, Akagi, and Kaga, which has left fans wondering where the heck is Yuudachi?


While fans are still wondering why the Nightmare of Solomon is absent in the new visual, the staff also announced that the Kantai Collection film will be hitting Japanese theaters starting 26 November 2016.

Advance tickets for the film are now also available via Lawson. The movie was announced during last year’s Naval Review event, and it revealed that more ships will be joining the fleet.

Meanwhile, over at the original browser game that this movie will be based on, admirals are working hard to gather resources and grinding out the levels of their respective ships, as the summer 2016 event will be starting this month.

The staff has teased players that they will be adding a new foreign ship in this event, with a lot of speculation coming from fans as to who this new foreign ship is. Is this Iowa’s little sister, the dreaded “Black Dragon,” USS New Jersey? How about another German ship like Bismarck’s sister, Tirpitz? How about the legendary “Grey Ghost” herself, the USS Enterprise? However, it was revealed that the new foreign ship will be the first British ship to join Kantai Collection (and no, Kongou does not count), she will be a Queen Elizabeth-class Battleship!

Source: MoCa News