Welcome to the Kimoi Otaku guide to keeping yourself hydrated. Summer is here and we need to keep hydrated. So here are some helpful tips to staying alive and beating the heat

Water! Sometimes the simplest solution is the one that comes from the tap. Did you spend all your money on anime goods or a trip to Japan? Then drink plain water like the poor plebeian that you are. Cheap and cost efficient, there’s no better solution. Unless you have the money for it.

Pocari Sweat is arguably the best sports drinks for otakus. Since it is completely non-gassy, you won’t be burping randomly as you proceed with your daily tasks and you can chug a whole bottle of it at one go with minimal chance of you vomiting it all out. It isn’t the healthiest option but it is the option that makes you happy and happiness is health.

Shampoo. It takes great creativity and courage to venture where only a few have. Reserved only for the finest (and most insane) of connoisseurs, this is definitely not for the faint of heart. Simply pick your favourite seiyuu and take a swig of the shampoo they use. If you’re not sure of where to find this information fret not, the way has been paved by more experienced and definitely more kimoi heroes. Just search “声優シャンプーまとめ” and you will see the path laid out by these brave souls. After this, you will never ever see shampoo the same way ever again.

In fact, last Comiket there was even a review on the various shampoo used and how they tasted, with various factors taken into account such as how easy the shampoo is to swallow to the taste. This is definitely taking kimoi-ness to new heights.

Please note that we will not be held responsible for any adverse consequences of your stupidity and all hospital and legal fees must come from your own sad and very miserable wallet.