Video game company, 5pb. is giving one of this year’s hottest anime its visual novel, which is titled “Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- DEATH OR KISS.” The upcoming October 2016 edition of Megami magazine has a feature on the game, and an early look at that issue has revealed a few screenshots.

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Is it safe to assume which heroine will have the most people going for her route? Clue: her hair is BLUE.


The visual novel game is scheduled to be released for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 on 23rd March 2017. According to the issue, the limited edition version for the PS Vita will cost 11,350 yen, while the standard edition will cost 8,100 yen. There will also be a digital edition, and it will cost 7,650 yen.


Source: otakomu