Seiyuu Yurika Kubo is regarded as a local celebrity in her home prefecture of Nara, and she is giving back to the community. She recently became the official blood donation ambassador for the prefecture’s local Japan Red Cross Society branch.


The seiyuu best known for her role as Love Live!’s Hanayo Koizumi, as well as DanMachi’s Loki and Ooyasan wa Shishunki!’s Chie Satonaka will be appearing in several Japan Red Cross Society posters to cheer on blood donors. Donating blood can literally and figuratively be draining, as donors would often feel tired and nauseous afterwards, so why not let Hanayo herself cheer you on?


Those who participate in Nara Prefecture’s local blood donation drive from 11th August until 25th September will also be getting a special 8-minute voice recording from her! So not only will your blood be able to save lives, but you can also get to get a popular seiyuu!’s voice recording! It’s a win-win!

Source: 0takomu