Heads up, Pokefans, because some of our favorite Pokemon will be getting some make-overs for the Alola Region, as seen in a brand new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon!

Exeggutor goes from Grass/Psychic to Grass/Dragon in its Alola form, while Vulpix becomes an ice type, and Ninetails an ice/fairy type. Both Sanshrew and Sandslash become ice/steel types, while new Pokemon like Oricoro, Minior, Gunshoos, Fomantis, Lurantis, and Mudbray were also revealed. According to the official Pokemon website:

Some Pokémon have adapted to the distinctive microclimates of the Alola region, taking on different forms than they have in other regions. These Pokémon are called regional variants. Taking root in the Alola region, they live like native Pokémon. Regional variant Pokémon can have different appearances and types, and their ways of living can also differ from that of the forms previously known.

The video also reveals new aspects like Pokemon Riding Services, and the islands’ rite of passage. The video also introduces a new kind of attack known as the “Z-moves.”

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will both be released for the Japanese and North American markets on 18 November 2016, and will be released in Europe on 23 November 2016.