Sony Music Entertainment and the Institute of Language Understanding have co-developed a new A.I. chat program called “Project Samantha.” The A.I. project is still in beta, but it features several different characters, including one named Motoko, who is voiced by none other than Marina Inoue.


Having voiced characters like Haganai’s Yozora, Marina Inoue is definitely no stranger to abusive characters, and Motoko is certainly one of them. The A.I. has been described as an “abusive girl” (batou shoujo), who responds to users based on what they say, and most of them which come from her have been described as abusive.

Pixiv users can begin chatting with her starting 15th August, and she will be responding with either texts, stamps, and/or voice messages. The character is actually from mebae’s manga titled Batou Shoujo, and since she was launched, 2,746,377 users have been “abused” by her.

K-laei artificial intelligence, a combination of the latest natural language understanding system (NLU) and machine learning (NLP) has been used in Project Samantha, which also has “access to the GAIA and URANUS knowledge databases and the Semantic Substance Sampler that allows it to infer intention and emotion from users’ input and continue to learn.”

Source: ANN