There are a lot of story lines involving the Rio 2016 Olympics, from Micheal Phelps cementing his legend to Joseph Schooling beating him for Singapore’s first-ever Olympics gold to USA Basketball’s dominance to Brazil’s World Cup revenge on Germany to Usain Bolt being Usain Bolt.


However, as the Olympics came to an end, Japan’s very own Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe made a special appearance. As the next host country’s leader, he made an Olympic moment of his own by appearing in cosplay as Mario from Super Mario Bros.

Appearing alongside iconic Japanese characters like Capitan Tsubasa, Pacman, Hello Kitty and Doraemon, “Mario Abe” promised that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be big. The world leader’s appearance in cosplay also made the internet explode.

Now that’s how you kick off an Olympics that’s being held in Japan! Hopefully, we can see more Olympic moments in four years!