In the heat of summer, Kantai Collection decided to make it even hotter by adding even more beach themes and beach CGs with their 1st August update. The new ships featured wearing bikinis include:

Aviation Cruisers:


CA_Mikuma_Summer_Full CA_Mikuma_Summer_Full_Damaged

Light Aircraft Carrier/ Submarine Tender


CVL_Ryuuhou_Summer_Full CVL_Ryuuhou_Summer_Full_Damaged


AS_Taigei_Summer_Full AS_Taigei_Summer_Full_Damaged



BB_Yamato_Summer_Full BB_Yamato_Summer_Full_Damaged


FBB_Haruna_Kai_Ni_Summer_Full FBB_Haruna_Kai_Ni_Summer_Full_Damaged

They have also introduce a Summer theme for the Seaplane Tender, Mizuho, though she’s not exactly wearing a bikini like the others… still summery though.


The update also introduces a new wavefront beach floor furniture, new summer beach lines for several ships, and new background music. Now time to enjoy the Japanese summer with everyone’s favorite hotel!

[Leonidas] 2016-08-03 09-59-37 92

The 1st August update also marks the full implementation of the KanColle Android app. According to KanColle Wikia:

  • This will apply to all users, including those who have not preregistered as well as those who are newcomers.
  • You must have a registered account with KanColle, then must download the App from the DMM GAMES STORE. Please download the App from there.
  • You will not be able to directly start fresh using an Android device with the current update.