The final chapter of Tite Kubo’s now-classic shounen manga, Bleach, was officially released inside the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump! magazine on 22nd August. Along with the final chapters, the mangaka himself included a special message of his own:

“One way or another, I was able to finish drawing it in 15 years! I’m very thankful to all of the people who read it.”


Along with Kubo’s message, several other mangakas have posted their messages for Kubo in the magazine as well. Bleach ran for 15 years, and some of the mangaka here, particularly the younger ones, were also probably influenced by the manga itself. The well-wishers include a who’s who of Shounen Jump!, including:

Kouhei Horikoshi (My Hero Academia): , “I yelled, ‘Very cool! A resolution!’ as I opened my umbrella. Congratulations on completing Bleach!”

Haruichi Furudate (Haikyuu!!): “It had very cool images. I always admired it. Kubo-sensei has worked very hard.”

Eiichiro Oda (One Piece): “Kubo-san must be very tired after serializing Bleach for 15 years. Rest well.”

Kawada (Hinomaru Zumou): “It was all very cool! I admire it! Kubo-sensei has worked very hard!”

Yuuki Tabata (Black Clover): “It had a lot of influence on me. Kubo-sensei, serializing it for such a long time must have been a lot of work!”

Daisuke Ashihara (World Trigger): “Bleach is finished. After 15 years, Kubo-sensei must really be exhausted.”

Osamu Akimoto (KochiKame): “Kubo-kun, you’ve worked hard! Please take this chance to go on a trip!”

Shun Saeki (Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma): “Kubo-sensei really worked hard serializing it! I’m really looking forward to his next project!”

Shuuichi Asou (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.):  “After 15 years, Kubo-sensei must really be exhausted! I look forward to his next work!”

Hideaki Sorachi (Gintama): “Jump has gotten lonelier. Kubo-sensei, please come back soon!”

With Naruto being done for almost two years now, and Bleach now officially over, some of Jump’s biggest titles are slowly ending, and that includes Gintama, which would be entering its final arc this year. The only thing we might not worry about ending soon would definitely be One Piece.

So with 15 years, 74 volumes, and lots of memories, we would like to thank Tite Kubo-sensei and wish him well!

Source: ANN