Weekly Shonen Sunday’s 39th issue has revealed that Hiromu Arakawa will be resuming her Silver Spoon manga on the magazine’s 40th issue, which is due out on 31 August 2016 in Japan.


This will be the first new Silver Spoon chapter in almost seven months, as Harakawa went on hiatus last February. To celebrate the return, Shonen Sunday will also be featuring Silver Spoon in the manga magazine’s cover, with a special gift for readers, which is a replica of the cover art.

Unlike Berserk’s Kentarou Miura and Hunter x Hunter’s Yoshihiro Togashi, Arakawa is not really known to take many hiatuses. However, before this current hiatus, she did go on an 8-month hiatus and returned last January, only go on hiatus again, which is this current one. Arakawa cites that taking care of a sick family member is her reason for going on hiatus.

Source: ANN