TV Tokyo has revealed their theme song for the 2016 Summer Olympics coverage, and it will be performed by 8-member J-Rock band, Wagakki Band. The song is titled “Kishikaisei”, which means Resuscitation, and Avex has started streaming a brand new music video for the song.

Wagakki Band will also be performing the support song for the TV Tokyo Olympic coverage, and it is titled “Mi.Ra.I”. Both songs will be released together as a single, and are now both available digitally.

The 8-member band made a name for themselves in Japan by infusing Vocaloid songs with western-style rock by using traditional Japanese instruments known as Wagakki. They are no strangers to the international scene, and have performed in the United States, France, and Taiwan. The band is comprised of:

  • Yuuko Suzuhana – lead vocals
  • Machiya– guitar, backing vocals
  • Beni Ninagawa– tsugaru shamisen
  • Kiyoshi Ibukuro– koto
  • Asa– bass
  • Daisuke Kaminaga– shakuhachi
  • Wasabi – drums
  • Kurona – wadaiko


Both “Mi.Ra.I” and “Kishikaisei” in TV Tokyo’s live broadcasts throughout the Olympic games, which will be pushing through in Rio de Janiero, Brazil despite concerns over the Zika virus.

Source: Crunchyroll