Cosplay Mania has finally revealed the third artiste coming to Manila for their I Love Anisong event. It is none other that the lovely 19-year old Shiena Nishizawa, who can sing songs which could certainly leave ordinary people tongue-tied.


Best known for performing the Kantai Collection anime’s ED song, Fubuki, she is also known for performing the opening theme songs for The Asterisk War and ARIA The AVVENIRE. She previously won the Grand Prix in the first FlyingDog Audition back in 2014 , and it propelled her to stardom where she made her debut single, Fubuki, for Kantai Collection.

Shiena Nishizawa will be joining Starmarie and Back On during Cosplay mania’s I Love Anisong stage event, which will be held from 1 – 2 October 2016 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. You can buy your tickets here:

So Philippines, are you all pumped up for the event? More performers will be announced in the days ahead, so be sure to stay tuned! Aside from these artistes who will be performing for I Love AniSong, several special guests have been revealed, and they include Yukari Shimotsuki, DD-Tenka, Kirisaki, Rumi, Tomia, and Hana and Baozi. You can visit the official Cosplay Mania Facebook page for more details.