Makoto Shinkai’s latest movie offering, your name., is now out in Japan, and has become a huge hit, dethroning Hideaki Anno’s Shin Godzilla movie and taking the #1 spot in the Japanese box office. The movie has inspired a lot of fans, and it wasn’t long until one Japanese fan made a beautiful tribute for the film using Minecraft, because that is exactly what twitter user @2110tatuharu had done.

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The Minecraft work is based on one of the movie’s visuals, which features the two main characters, Taki and Mitsuha. The work has been noted because of its attention to detail, and any Minecraft player can tell you just how much patience building something like this takes. And if you look at how the finished work looks like from afar, you can say that it really doesn’t look like a work created in Minecraft.


Yeah, I was fooled too, and really thought it was a movie visual and not a Minecraft work. What makes this more impressive is that the player didn’t use any Minecraft mod to make this at all! Now that is some patience and skill indeed!

Source: your name.