Japanese rock band DOES has announced that they will be going on hiatus, and their return is still indefinite. While the news has caused concern among the fans, the trio did assure everyone that they are definitely not breaking up.


The three members of the band, lead vocalist Wataru Ujihara, bassist Yasushi Akatsuka, and drummer Keisaku Morita will be making their final appearance together before the hiatus on 18th September, for their 10th anniversary concert at Akasaka Blitz, titled 「DOES 10th Anniversary Live『Thanksgiving!』in AKASAKA BLITZ」

Each of the three members have commented on why they are going on hiatus, with Ujihara saying that he wants to focus on his solo career for now, as well as produce his own music. This was echoed by bassist Akatsuka, who said that the hiatus gives each member a chance to pursue his own musical career. Meanwhile, drummer Morita said that the hiatus will allow him to produce music at his own pace.

DOES is known among anime fans for providing OP songs for various popular anime, including Gintama, Naruto Shippuuden, and Space Brothers.

Source: ANN