Aniplex +’s life-size figure of Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girl Friend’s “boring” female lead, Megumi, is one of the most expensive anime figures on Earth, as it carries a price tag worth 1,980,000 yen. Surely, no normal collector could afford her, right? But apparently, one man actually bought her, and he actually has one of the most stunning collections around.


The statue stands at 154cm in height, and weighs in at 28Kg. It is made of fibre reinforced plastic with a steel base, and as seen in the image above, the package itself is bigger than a person. So, who could afford such a figure? Crunchyroll has called his “mansion” the “house of 1,000 Waifus”, and that moniker is quite fitting, as his collection not only features an impressive amount of bishoujo figures and dolls, but also several GunPla, that rather expensive Psycho-Pass Dominator replica, and a Char Aznable car.

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Seems like Megumi is all set in that new home of hers, huh? And he seems to have solved the problem a lot of collectors are having with space… by getting a bigger home.

Source: Crunchyroll