It seems like the work of actor Shun Oguri as Gintoki Sakata is done for now. The director of the live-action Gintama movie, Yuuichi Fukuda, has tweeted that he has already finished filming all the scenes involving the much-sought-after Japanese actor. The tweet even captures the not-so-serious nature of Gintama itself! Just look at that pose!

Because of this, Gintama mangaka, Hideaki Sorachi, drew the actor as Gintoki, and director Fukuda included in in that tweet of his. Sorachi included a very special message thanking him for “running the Yoruzuya”. He also asked him to give him 800 million yen… or actress Yu Yamada. Sorachi seems to be good with either option anyway.


Several set photos from the movie’s filming location have also been revealed by the official movie twitter page:

Shun Oguri (Lupin III), is playing Gintoki Sakata, the silver-haired samurai who runs the Yoruzuya. You can check out the rest of the cast here:

Yuuichi Fukuda, the director of the two live-action Hentai Kamen movies, will be at the helm of this project, and he will not only be the director, but also the scriptwriter The movie is slated to make its premiere in Japan sometime in 2017.

Source: ANN