MegaHouse has been featuring Gintama characters in their G.E.M. line of figures for seven years now. To thank fans for the past support, they are giving their fans the power to choose which character will be getting a figure. and the choices are… well, the choices are what you would expect in Gintama.

The choices being offered are kinda interesting, although these are the choices that you would expect to get Gintama fans excited at the same time.

Future Kagura


Gender-bent Sougo Okita


Gender-bent Toushirou Hijikata


Shinpachi Shimura getting punished


Voting will officially begin on 10th October, with the results being announced during the MegaHobby Expo (Autumn) event on 26th November in Akihabara. When the voting opens, fans can proceed to the official MegaHouse G.E.M. website to cast their ballots.


Source: Comic Natalie