In cosplay, there are those who do it as a hobby, and there are those who actually earn money from doing it. In Japan, if you are popular enough, you could earn millions of yen, just ask professional cosplayer, Enako.


She recently appeared in the Japanese TV show, Nakai No Mado, where she talked about cosplay and what it is like attending events like Comic Market, or Comiket. She was asked if she can make a living doing cosplay, and she confirmed it. In fact, she has confessed that for the last Comiket alone, she earned 10 million yen for just two days.


She also admitted that she often earns 300,000 to 400,000 yen per stage event, and she can also get over a million yen per month because of her appearances. However, as many cosplayers would attest to, cosplay is not cheap, and she deducts those expenses, along with promotional and production costs, as well as her daily living expenses, to what she earns.


But that’s still a lot of money, and professionals like her could support both a hobby and a living wage, especially in Japan where the cost of living is high.

Source: Hachimakikou