Nana Mizuki has done a lot in her career, which includes being a seiyuu who voices plenty of popular characters like the Nanoha series’ Fate Testarossa and Naruto’s Hinata Hyuuga Uzumaki. She’s a popular singer back in Japan too, holding sold-out concerts across the country.

Now, she’s going to do something, she’s never done before, and that is act on stage for her very first appearance in a stage musical.


She will be appearing in the Japanese stage adaptation of the Broadway musical, “BEAUTIFUL- The Carole King Musical,” which was also the very first Broadway musical she ever saw when she visited New York City for the very first time. She will be one of the two actresses to play the lead role, which was double-cast with 32-year-old singer-songwriter Ayaka Hirahara.

“BEAUTIFUL- The Carole King Musical” follows the rise of legendary American singer Carol King to stardom. It was first shown in San Francisco back in 2013, before finally being shown in Broadway in 2014. The Japanese adaptation will be shown in Tokyo’s Imperial Theatre from July – August 2017.

Source: Daily Sports