What British battleship, HMS Warspite, was revealed for Kantai Collection, it was revealed that she had perfect English intonation, and even had a British accent. Given that most seiyuu (even the really good ones) sound awkward when speaking in English, Warspite’s “Good English” has surprised many… and yes, the “Ad-Mai-ral” thing is “Ye Olde English” that dates back to the age of pirates.

However, DMM and Kadokawa kept her seiyuu a big secret, and that has quickly evolved into one of KanColle’s biggest mysteries… for a short while at least, because we now know who her seiyuu is! The British Warship with good command of the English language is actually voiced by newcomer, 20-year-old Shuu Uchida, whose role as Warspite in KanColle is actually considered as her debut role.


Yes folks, that’s the seiyuu with the “British Accent”. Concurrently, this overturns fan’s earlier theory that half-Australian seiyuu, Sarah Emi Bridcutt, who also voices Light Cruiser Yuubari and other ships and also has a good command of the English language, was not the voice behind Warspite.

Warspite’s seiyuu was finally revealed during the October 2016 issue of Comptiq magazine, which also revealed that this Royal Navy Battleship can also stand.


Though right now, the new British warship just seems to be enjoying the Japanese autumn festival season and sitting happily on her throne…


Source: Crunchyroll