American YouTube show, Man-At-Arms, has recreated several swords from anime, from Trunks’ sword (Dragon Ball) to Ryuuko’s scissor blade (Kill la Kill) to Asuna’s Lambent Light (Sword Art Online). The show has gotten notoriety among fans all over the world, including Japan. Now, the Stagmer Brothers from Baltimore Knife and Sword, which does the show, have gotten a special request, this time from Japanese studio, P.A. Works, and it is to recreate Kennosuke’s sword from their new mecha anime, Kuromukuro.

It it really does seem like P.A. Works was dead serious at asking the Stagmer Brothers to forge Kennosuke’s blade, so much that they sent a special Japanese steel to them to make the sword with. That special steel is called the Tamahagane, which is a rare type of high-quality steel used in ancient Japanese sword-making. That being said, they actually agreed and forged the blade, in fact, blacksmith Illya seems to be rather excited to work with such a material.

The blade was forged using a mixture of ancient Japanese techniques with a bit of modern technology, much like Kuromukuro, which is about a samurai who finds himself in a futuristic world filled with giant robots and invading aliens!