Pokemon GO is undoubtedly the most popular game app on Earth right now, with millions of players playing around the world, going around to catch Pokemon. However, the game has become notorious for having players who are disrespectful and unruly, and that has urged a popular park in Tokyo to take action.

The sign reads:

To all Pokémon GO players,

Due to a lack of improvement regarding inappropriate behavior, even after deploying security staff, play of Pokémon GO and other apps is completely prohibited as of the 18th.

The signs are found around Kaieji Temple and its Benten Pavillion, which is located in Tokyo’s most popular park, Ueno Park. While playing the game is now completely banned around the temple, it is not banned in the other areas of Ueno park itself.

The temple has gained a lot of attention from Pokemon GO players, as rare Pokemon such as Dratini have been popping up around the park, especially around Shinobazu Pond. However, there have been a lot of complaints as of late, as Pokemon GO players would often tend to leave behind trash such as food wrappers, drink containers, and cigarette butts. Other problems from players include:

Players squatting or sitting on the ground for extended Pokémon-hunting sessions, blocking the paths of others trying to make their way through or about the temple grounds. Some individuals are also suspected of plugging their phones into the temple’s unguarded electrical outlets, in a self-centered attempt to cope with the game’s infamous drain on battery life.

While Pokemon GO is fun, such behaviour is not warranted, especially in cultural areas such as temples. While players can still play the game around the other areas of the park, players are urged mind their manners or else the restriction will be implemented in the entire area.

Source: Rocket News 24