After months of waiting and delays, Nintendo’s new accessory for Niantic’s smash hit smartphone game, Pokemon GO Plus, will finally hit the market on 16th September. According to Nintendo, the device “will be available in much of the world” on its announced release date, and will be hitting a few South American territories later this year.


The device will cost US$34.99 or 3,500 yen, and will let users capture Pokemon without actually relying on their smartphones. As players wear the accessory, it will flash and vibrate to alert its owner that a Pokemon is nearby. By pressing the white button in the middle, players can throw Pokeballs. They can also stock up on Pokeballs whenever he/she is near a Pokestop, and the device would also alert the player if a Pokestop is nearby.

The device was originally planned for release back in July, but Nintendo announced its delay due to the sheer demand for the device, the success of Pokemon GO, and a few adjustments and improvements.

As for Niantic, they have announced that they will also be releasing the app for Apple’s Apple Watch.

Source: Polygon