The official Pokemon Channel has started streaming a brand new trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon games, and it introduces plenty of new additions. The trailer features a cool-looking new Normal-type Pokemon called Null, to a cute Dragon-type called Jangmo-o, to new features like the differences between the two games, a new Team Skull Enforcer, a new Organization, a new threat, and more!

Kinda makes you wonder what those “Mysterious Threats” called Ultra Beasts will be like? Could they be a new Legendary Trio like Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres? They did say that there will be several of them. I guess we will find out more about them in the future.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will both be released for the Japanese and North American markets on 18 November 2016, and will be released in Europe on 23 November 2016.