New Game! has more than proven that it can hang with the big guns of the summer 2016, becoming one of the season’s hottest and most talked-about anime. But did you know that some of the anime’s locations are actually inspired by real-life places in Tokyo? For example, did you know that the game studio, Eagle Jump, where Aoba works in, is actually an advertising agency, called new-AD, in Asagaya?

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One of the most prominent locations featured in the anime is the shopping arcade, Asagaya Pearl Center and nearby Asagaya Station. Also featured is Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara, where Aoba and Hajime are sent on an errand to buy a new tablet pen for Rin and Ko in episode five.

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Also featured in the anime are the Suginami Ward Office and the Shinjuku Marui annex.

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And did you know that the school where Aoba’s BFF, Nenechi, is actually one of Japan’s top universities? Based on the visuals, she goes Hitotsubashi University, as its campus has been featured in the anime.


There’s also a bit of trickery in the anime itself. according to Crunchyroll’s Wilhelm Donkno,

I zoomed in a little on this picture again, otherwise it would be a little hard to see the photo on Takimoto Hifumi’s smartphone. In episode nine, part of the character design team (+Hajime) are heading to a public bath in the middle of the night. The real spa is called Nagominoyu, but I tried typing in the web address shown on Hifumi’s phone, and it redirects you to a New Game! dedicated fan page.

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And finally, there’s this event called the “Tokyo Game Exhibit”, which is held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba. Sounds familiar, right? It almost sounds like the Tokyo Game Show which is held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba… and once again, Wilhelm Donko tried something out about what he saw in the anime…

If anybody is wondering, I scanned the QR code with my phone, and it just redirects you to the New Game! anime homepage.

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Source: Crunchyroll