Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro has touched a lot of lives through the years, and more so in Japan, where the movie has inspired one cook to make dishes that look exactly like the unforgettable classic character. In her twitter page, @blacktotoros, the cook posts his works of art, which are just too cute to eat.


The dishes range from sushi to fried rice balls to konyaku to even oden and nabe. Black Totoros even does dessert as well, from pudding to cookies to a cute pumpkin pastry.


Makes you really want to take one, huh? blacktotoros actually takes requests and is pretty fluent in English, as her tweets are often in English. Since she’s in Japan, you might not be able to eat it, but it can give you a nice thing to look at and satisfaction that she listened to your request.

Source: Rocket News 24