In this week’s episode, Kamiya and Hikari go in search of some feline companionship~!

WOWJAPAN OVERTIME pays a visit to Neko No Niwa, the first cat café to open in Singapore.

Nestled in the heart of Singapore’s Boat Quay, Neko no Niwa is home to 13 cats, each one with their own unique personality. Featuring only rescue and adopted cats, the café firmly believes in giving these felines a second shot at life.

As Kamiya and Hikari find out, they are all wonderful friends to while the day away with!

Neko No Niwa

54A Boat Quay (Level 2)

Singapore 049843

+65 6536 5319

About Cat Cafés

What is a Cat Café? Basically, its café where you pay to cuddle up with furry felines whilst having a drink!

The cat café trend started in 1998 when the first Cat Café, “Cat Flower Garden”, opened in Taipei, Taiwan. Since then, the concept of Cat Café has spread across the world, finding great popularity in Japan, where the cramped living spaces often make adopting a cat difficult.

According to the BBC, there are nearly 150 cat related spots in the whole of Japan, and there are 39 alone in Tokyo itself at last count!

And if it’s Japan, then you will know the Japanese will take things to new heights!

For instance, Temari no Ouchi (Kichijoiji) features décor unlike pictures from old children picture books, whilst Neko No Mise (Machida) combines Manga reading and relaxing cats!

There’s even one near Akibahara- Neko Jalala, so you can take some time off shopping to see some lovely cats.