It’s Halloween today, and in spirit of this ghoulish holiday, we take a look at the zombie sub-genre in the horror genre that’s becoming more and more popular. Many of us have played the Resident Evil games, read World War Z, watched the Walking Dead and Night of the Living Dead, but zombie anime are not necessary as well-known among most zombie enthusiasts.

In the spirit of Halloween, we take a look at five Zombie Anime fans of the genre should check out, starting with:

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress


This one is an obvious pick, as the steampunk world and glowing zombies melded together in a great way that is full of action and badassery. The zombies are actually intimidating and scary, and the Attack on Titan-like feel doesn’t hurt as well. Non-anime watchers who are zombie fans might enjoy this.

Sunday Without God


While Kabaneri is a more typical sort of zombie anime, this next pick is not, and is actually more fantastical than the others in our list. The plot revolves around the fact that God has abandoned humanity, and people who are dead aren’t getting any rest, and these undead can only rest in peace with the help of grave diggers. While this series doesn’t contain as much action as typical zombie anime would, the anime still has plenty of intrigue, and is actually quite interesting to check out.

School Live!


Ahhhhhh, the infamous “Healing Anime” known as School Live! may look like a typical school life moe anime at first, but things are pretty serious as the girls actually live in a zombie apocalypse and is actually has a more psychological story than it looks, tackling zombie-genre themes like survival, scavenging, and even mental health. Oh, and don’t get attached to a few characters too.



What happens when a zombie fanboy suddenly gets a girl to become an actual zombie, but manages to keep her mind? Sankarea is an interesting love story, as the main protagonist tries his best to hide that main girl Rea has turned into a zombie, and the fact that he has to struggle with Rea’s rapidly decomposing body and the fact that she is also losing her mind, much like any other zombie.

Corpse Princess


I seriously thought of adding High School of the Dead, but that one is a bit too obvious so I opted for doing yet another bloody zombie anime filled with fan service in Corpse Princess. However, unlike High School of the Dead, Corpse Princess isn’t a typical zombie series, as it is not set in a zombie apocalypse. Rather, it follows Shikabane Hime, or Corpse Princesses, who are reanimated corpses who were killed violently, and in order to finally receive their rest, they must  kill 108 other revived corpses. The anime is full of action and suspense, so it’s also worth checking out.

What do you think of our picks? We hope you enjoy them and Happy Halloween!