Re:Zero is definitely one of this year’s hottest anime, and that was made certain when the series made a special appearance during this year’s AKB48 Janken Taikai, which is a rock paper scissors tournament. During the tournament, AKB48 member, Nana Okada, cosplayed as Ram, and she didn’t come alone!

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Appearing alongside her, and taking a lot of selfies backstage, is her sister, Rina, who cosplayed as Rem. The two of them seemed like they were really enjoying themselves.

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But they weren’t the only ones who appeared in Re:Zero cosplay, as HKT48’s Marina Yamada, cosplayed as Emilia, and she even came with her own Puck! The three then got together backstage.

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The tournament was held at the Kobe World Kinen Hall last 10 October 2016, with AKB48’s Miku Tanabe, winning the rock paper scissors tourney while dressing up as a drunk salary man.

Sources: Yaraon! and Gravure 48 facebook page