With the Kyoto International Manga Fair, the Kyoto Metropolitan Subway is definitely no stranger to anime characters endorsing it. Now however, it is being endorsed by the same anime characters who are promoting Kyoto International Manga Museum and Kyoto Gakuen University. Though they are getting promoted by female characters,  Moe Uzumasa, Saki Matsuga, and Misa Ono, and Moe’s sister, Rei, the Kyoto Subway is now also promoted by male characters to suit the growing number of female fans.


Meet 21-year-old Ryo Ono (left), Misa’s older brother and a third-year college student, and his friend and former high school classmate, Takeru Jujo, a baker who decided not to go to college. The two made their public debut at the Kyoto Subway last 4 October 2016 with posters and subway passes.

Both of them are related to the other characters endorsing the Kyoto institutions, as seen here in this guide:


And as for  Moe, Saki, Misa, and Moe’s big sister, Rei, they are still also endorsing the subway, but cater to more male tastes.


Source: Rocket News 24