As we are bracing for a brand new conflict surrounding the Death Notes, a new clip for the latest live-action film for the franchise, Death Note Light up the NEW world, has been released. The clip reveals the return of the Shinigami named Ryuk, and one of the antagonists, Yuuki Shien, played by Masaki Suda.

Suda’s character, Yuuki, had his family murdered and he survived that incident, and it was Kira who brought brought the murdered to justice. In the clip, Yuuki tells Ryuk why Kira is a “god” to him. And of course, Ryuk is eating an apple while all of this is happening.

Death Note Light up the NEW world is slated to premiere in Japan on 29th October, with a screening right here in Singapore also being confirmed. The movie will feature are whole new battle over six different Death Notes, and it features the successors to Kira and L.