Whjen it comes to hardwork and dedication for his manga, One Piece mangaka, Eiichiro Oda may be in a league of his own. He often only sleeps two hours a week just to finish his manga, and yet maintains the same quality of work, or has even improved through two decades. And unlike two certain mangaka well known for taking hiatuses, Oda rarely takes them, and would often only be out for a week or two because he got sick due to overwork.


While the mangaka is hardworking, he also demands the same for those working with him, as former One Piece editor Naoki Kawashima has revealed. In an interview to promote One Piece Film Gold, the former One Piece editor said that to be able to keep up with the hardworking Oda, the mangaka once told him to be prepared to “Die for One Piece.”

The editor’s initial reaction was “what, really?” but he also thought that “This person really works with that kind of resolution.” Another Jump editorial staff meanwhile has said that “Oda is like an F-1 race car, and normal people were like Japanese compact cars”, as his editors often have a hard time keeping up.


Certainly, it would be hard for people to keep up with such dedication, but then again, this is the one and only Eiichiro Oda we are talking about, and One Piece wouldn’t have lasted long if it weren’t for his work ethic.

Source: ANN