Evangelion certainly has a wide range of merchandise for fans to enjoy, from life-size figures to food to even a chance to ride the Evangelion Shinaknsen. However, the classic mecha series also has its own line of Japanese kimonos thanks to Tokyo Otaku Mode, which blend tradition with the series’ signature futuristic style.


The style of kimono used for the  “Evangelion Full Graphic Kimono” is called a Furisode, and they come in four different styles. The Eva-inspired fabrics used for them are prepared by Niigata Prefecture-based digital print company Digina, while they are also sewn together by Assistar, a Hiroshima kimono tailor founded more than 70 years ago.

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Since its made by master craftsmen, they won’t be coming cheap, and are expected to be priced around 200,000 yen! But then again, some non-anime-themed kimonos come at exactly that price, with some even ranging far higher. They will also be only released in limited quantities at only 100 pieces per design.

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Tokyo Otaku Mode haven’t actually decided on which designs will be in the final product, and they are actually holding a survey for fans to determine which ones will be made into kimonos. The survey can be found here. They will be announcing the winning designs after the poll concludes.

Source: Rocket news 24