Halloween is big in Japan, and as the holiday nears, Fate/Grand Order is preparing for a special Halloween treat. The cellphone game is offering up a 4-star Saber version of Fate’s resident bloody countess/ idol wannabe/ eternally youthful/ historically suspected as an actual vampire, Elizabeth Bathory.

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Well, she did bathe in the blood of virgins to keep her youth, so it’s not surprising that this vampire has been chosen as Fate’s Halloween mascot. And speaking of vampires, Liz’s great uncle is also coming out for Halloween. Yes, that’s right folks, the Lancer version of the infamous Vlad III, known to many as Vlad the Impaler, or Vlad Dracul, or Vlad Dracula, is joining the Halloween festivities.

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And while she’s not a bit as vampiric as the other two, Cleopatra is also part of the Halloween festivities as an Assassin-class servant.

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source: Crunchyroll