Akihabara, one of the must-visit destinations for anime fans, is home to plenty of anime-related shops, maid cafes, manga cafes, museums, and events. Now it is also home to a hair salon which also caters to the needs of the otaku community. This special shop is called OFF-KAi!!, and it just opened last 1 October 2016.


On the outside, it looks like any stylish hair salon, but inside, you won’t just see any typical salon items like mirrors, sinks, scissors, brushes, combs, and the like, but also a plethora of manga, artbooks, and magazines. They even play Anisongs in the background as you are getting a haircut or waiting for your turn!

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According to ANN, “The staff are all into anime and willing to chat about as they style your hair — and yes, they can style it like an anime character’s upon request. According to the website, they even offer counseling.”

And like most Akihabara businesses, they even have their own anime girl mascot, named Marwishka Offka. She’s even illustrated by renowned light novel illustrator, Kurehito Misaki of Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend fame.


OFF-KAi!!’s address is Sotokanda 3-6-6 Hattori Building 1F, and its hours are 12 PM to 10 PM (last appointment at 9). Appointments can be made via its own app (available via Google Play and iTunes).


source: ANN