Godzilla, one of Japan’s most iconic characters, has been dealing with those pesky and puny humans since 1959, but now, the King of Monsters has been shrunk down to human size for a brand new figure version of his 1991 version from Godzilla vs. King Ghidora.


Measuring in at 192cm in height, the statue is actually puny compared to the towering 100m monster in the 90’s movies, but to us puny humans, it’s still pretty big.

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The statue is produced by Bandai, and supervised by one of Japan’s greatest kaijuu sculptors, Yuuji Sakai, who sculpted a 30cm version, which was then used as data to create this monster by using a 3D printer.

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The statue is actually the same size of the suits used for the Tokusatsu movies, and it’s slated for release on july 2017. It will cost 448,000 yen, tax including, and that’s not even counting the shipping fees, so if you want to buy this, start saving! Pre-orders will open in the Premium bandai Online shop.

Source: Famitsu