A mysterious virus suddenly spreads throughout Japan causing widespread panic. People infected with the virus rapidly transform into zombie-like creatures and are called ZQN (pronounced zokyun). The ZQN then attack people with superhuman strength and their victims eventually become ZQN as well

Originally written by Kengo Hanazawa, those who have read the manga will find the adaptation, directed by Shinsuke Sato, not quite a loyal to the original, award winning, 4 million volumes sold, material. The manga even serves as an inspiration for the creator of famous Korean Zombie movie, “The Train To Busan”.

But that doesn’t mean that the movie is going to be bad, in fact, Sato has managed to somehow introduce the essences of the seven years long(and going) manga into a 127-minute long masterpiece. Infusing many social commentary and messages, presenting it with a quirky sense of humor.


I AM HERO the live action movie is something that would keep you awake at night but not due to the horror, but from the excitement and pure potential of an Otaku to focus. If you have watched The Accountant(by Ben Affleck), it’s something like that but way better, and more satisfying!

The movie starts off with everyday Tokyo, but with weird occurrences like the many jets flying overhead, a girlfriend’s sudden vocal desire for stability and the newscasters reporting that a guy bit to death a dog? Things that might infer that the society is slowly being degraded by the upcoming chaos, which didn’t take long. What happened?

Catch the movie, currently running exclusively in Singapore at Shaw Cinema. This movie is Rated M18 for the glorious GORE and VIOLENTS


What thrilling ride to be on! Pumped filled with Adrenalin from the excitement, you will feel so good by the end of the movie!