When it comes to being an artist, practice makes perfect, and sometimes, it’s also good to listen to the pros. And you should definitely pay attention to what professional mangaka, Takuya Yoshimura (Kami-sama no Hanari, Langecorn), has done in a series of 2-minute videos which he posted via twitter.

This first video shows viewers how to draw ikemen, or handsome young men.

This second video tip shows how to make hair look glossy and shiny.

how to draw a suit jacket

Guides for drawing anatomically correct body parts like feet

and hands

Though his most popular video is quite a surprising one, and it’s his guide on how to draw a tree.

The mangaka also recommended some materials to use when drawing a tree, and they are an eraser, a 0.05 felt-tipped pen, a Pentel-brand black ink brush, and some “Pen-White” or correction fluid, applied at the end with a fine brush.

Tips from the pros indeed! Thank you Yoshimura-sensei!

Source: Rocket News 24