The story of Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s Kuroko’s Basketball finally ends with an anime film based on the mangaka’s popular sequel manga, Kuroko’s Basketball: Extra Game. Now, a brand new teaser PV for the upcoming film, officially titled Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game, has also been revealed.

The video previews the visuals for two of the film’s antagonists, Nash Gold Jr. and Jason Silver, who are members of Team Jabberwock, an intimidating American basketball team which has insulted Japanese basketball. Now, Team Vorpal Swords gets the daunting task of defending the honor of Japanese basketball teams against this powerful foe.

It was also revealed that series mangaka, Tadatoshi Fujimaki, will be supervising the movie, as well as creating a special episode.


Before the movie will be shown, a trilogy of KuroBaske movies will be screened in Japan, and they will compile the Winter Cup arc from the TV anime and manga. The first of the Winter Cup Compilation trilogy, Kuroko’s Basketball: Winter Cup Compilation ~Shadow and Light~ (Winter Cup Soushuu-hen ~Kage to Hikari~), will premiered last 3rd September, while the second film, ~Beyond the Tears~, will be premiered last 8th October, and the third film, ~Crossing the Door~, will be premiering on 3rd December. As for Extra Game, the movie will premiere in spring 2017.